5 Reasons Why CAROL is the Best Gift for Your Loved One this Holiday Season

Amanda Williams

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Finding the perfect give is hard. Finding a perfect and equally unique gift is even harder. There are not too many gifts that barely last into the new year and too little gifts that do not last at all. CAROL is a great holiday gift that will not only last into the new year, but last a lifetime!

1. Privacy

The option to exercise in the privacy and comfort of your own home is a rare privilege that CAROL offers its riders, especially on days when the thought of getting up and going to the gym just doesn’t cut it. You will not only save the commuting time it takes to get to and from the gym, but it eliminates all the peeves that come with sharing equipment with strangers.

2. Your Body Will Thank You!

You’ve heard us say often that CAROL is the greatest investment you can make to your physical health. But CAROL is also a greater investment than a monthly membership at a fitness center if you are looking for the best weight loss or faster fitness option.

Whether you’re looking to lower your blood sugar, cholesterol levels or your risk of getting heart disease, CAROL has been proven to help you obtain quicker health results. Therefore, helping you reach your goals faster than conventional exercise.

3. It’s Your Own Personal Trainer

CAROL’s AI feature accurately customizes your rides based on our body’s current state of health and your personal fitness needs. Unlike a traditional cycle ergometer, CAROL learns about your baseline health to optimize workout resistance and customize cues that will help users achieve their individual exercise goals.

Fell off the exercise wagon after Thanksgiving? No worries. CAROL’s resistance works with your body at its physical fitness level to get you back on track to healthier you.

4. Best Snowy Day Companion

Once the snow flurries begin to fall this winter, CAROL becomes a lifesaver during the cold months. Skip the icy roads at 5 a.m. and the lengthy commute to the gym and enjoy your cardio in the warmth and luxury of your own home. This AI stationary bike also makes it easy to track your progress via your computer and IOS or Android devices, so you never miss a beat.

5. A Quality Stationary Bike With Lifelong Benefits

From the moment you take your six calibration rides to your first 30-sprint Fat Burn ride, you’ll quickly realize that CAROL is a long-lasting quality exercise machine that was built and designed to ensure long-term beneficial effects on your health.

It’s time to invest in your wellbeing. Your body, your schedule and your wallet will thank you later. As the gift-giving festivities quickly approach, this one-of-a-kind home stationary bike is the only Christmas CAROL you need!

CAROL — automatically personalized exercise bike. An intelligent software system with pedals.

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